Strengthening gender solidarity to achieve racial equity.

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September 6-7, 2024 Elyria High School, 601 Middle Ave, Elyria, OH 44035

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A professional development learning experience November 14-15, 2024

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Amplifying voices of writers who inspire inclusion & belonging.


Our Why

We believeWe believe that within our multiple and intersecting identities, our core identity is that of being human.

We believeWe believe that women are gatekeepers of culture and agents for sustainable change.

We believeWe believe that developing multicultural living practices provide us with the experiences and competencies necessary to turn us and them into WE. 

Our Mission

Getting to We is a non-profit organization that uses the transformative nature of the arts to help people understand their shared, core identity as humans and relate to each other without fear.


Our Vision

Ultimately, we want a world where minds are open and human interaction is about making ourselves and each other better friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and citizens – better humans.  In Getting to We’s Vision, We progress from apathy and insensitivity to understanding and inclusivity, and a nation where social discourse about race and identity is productive and solutions oriented. We embrace empathy and shared responsibility for our fellow humans. Public spaces feel physically and emotionally safe for everyone. We experience healthy workplaces where diversity is valued, honest ideas are welcome, and we expand knowledge and understanding of each other to serve the mission and business objectives of the organization. We have educational institutions where environments foster an inclusive experience for all learners. We have a society where all feel empowered to contribute to the greater good.


Our Promise

We don’t promise a perfect humanity. What we do promise are DEIB Edutainment™, competency-building experiences, research-backed resources, and online tools that create a pathway toward a healthier society for all of us.  We know how to turn discomfort into learning and how to turn tension into meaningful relationships. We’ve delivered on that kind of effective learning and change process with proven success.



Building networks of meaningful relationships across differences


Moving from certainty to new ways of knowing


Being fully and wonderfully better humans for each other

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