Getting To We (GTW)

We help people understand their core identity as humans and how to become better humans for other humans.

Deborah L. Plummer,
Lori Stevic-Rust,
and Jo Salvatore

As a psychologist, researcher, and author, Debbie brings her deeply humanistic and Gestalt trained skills to shaping the GTW strategy and developing frameworks, models and tools that forward the mission and vision of GTW.

A primary motivator for positive change through her work as a psychologist and women’s empowerment speaker and author, Lori brings scholar/practitioner expertise to GTW programming and initiatives.

A business executive rooted in principled-centered leadership with over 20 years of experience in procurement and supply chain management, Jo utilizes strong business acumen to manage all operational and financial aspects of GTW.

Together, as a leadership team with administrative support and program-specific expertise from a seasoned group of key contributors, they share a passion for fostering inclusion and belonging and work together to achieve the mission and vision of GTW, while driving its business objectives.



We help people understand their core identity as humans and how to become better humans for other humans.  Those are lofty goals, and we don’t promise developing a perfect humanity.

What we do promise are learning resources, online tools, and competency-building experiences that create a pathway toward a healthier society for all of us.  We know how to turn discomfort into learning and how to turn tension into meaningful relationships. We’ve delivered on that kind of effective learning and change process with proven success.

If you share our lofty goals, then join us by contributing any amount to help us keep learning and growing together and building social trust as a bedrock of peaceful and healthy communities.


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