Bridging, Bonding & Building Retreat

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Continuing a Movement for Social Trust…
One Woman at a Time

April 18-20, 2024
Early Registration Fee $675

Deadline for Early registration is March 1, 2024.
Registration fee is $750 due by March 29, 2024.

Bridging, Bonding and Building
Participant Agreement

  • Caring: Speaking about what has personal heart and meaning
  • Candor: Sharing with honesty and depth while being crisp and deep in my presentation; sharing airtime by getting to the point of my story rather than sharing all the details, back filling only if necessary.
  • Commitment: To MY learning by engaging, processing, and joining with other participants rather than attempting to educate them.
  • Confidentiality: During and after the experience, sharing the excitement of my learning without attaching names or assigning blame or shame to anyone.
  • Courage: Questioning old assumptions and looking for new insights while assuming positive intent
  • Curiosity: Seeking to understand rather than persuade or influence

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