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Who We Are

Getting To We Team

Lee Carstens
Program Administration
Deborah L. Plummer
Founder/Executive Director
Jo Salvatore
Finance and Operations
Taylor Smith
DEIB Edutainment & Documentary Production
Lori Stevic-Rust
Education Programs & Documentary Production

Board of Directors

Susan Berger
Valerie Butler
Gilbert Edmond
Andres Gonzalez
Jason Craige Harris
Robert (Bob) Hartl
Tomica Holmes
Elaine Martin
Joe Matuszewski
Deborah L. Plummer
Kathleen Q. Powers
Donna Skurzak
Lorraine Shoto
Teri Trautwein
Katerina Uribe

Circle of Advisors

Scilla Andreen
Alexandria Boone
Eve Bridburg
Edith Guffey
Julia Johannsen
Jill Karp
Renee Richard
Katherine A. Sherbrooke
Zeta Smith
Karen Tucker

Enough of Us Together Carrying All of Us Forward

We help people understand their core identity as humans and how to become better humans for other humans. Those are lofty goals, and we don’t promise developing a perfect humanity.

What we do promise are learning resources, online tools, and competency-building experiences that create a pathway toward a healthier society for all of us. We know how to turn discomfort into learning and how to turn tension into meaningful relationships. We’ve delivered on that kind of effective learning and change process with proven success.

If you share our lofty goals, please help us achieve them. Join our community by signing up for our newsletter. Learn more about and support our programs so that we can keep learning and growing together. Make a donation of any amount to help us create innovative strategies that build social trust as a bedrock of peaceful and healthy communities. Let's become better friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and citizens – better humans.

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