Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
& Belonging Edutainment

As DEIB edutainment, To My White Friends Who Know Me expands and deepens theater’s transformative nature to enhance our shared humanity and build greater human connectivity while teaching four diversity competencies— holding multiple realities, perspectives, and identities; moving from certainty to curiosity; marrying intention and impact; and using social privilege for mutual benefit. Essential to each performance is the post-show discussion designed to go deeper on the themes presented in each act.

Written by Dr. Deborah L. Plummer
Directed by Treva Offutt

Organizational, university, and community leaders struggle to find programs that foster racial equity and hit just the right note with a message that is aligned with contemporary scholarship on the dynamics of human differences. To My White Friends Who Know Me, a play that thoughtfully examines race relations through the lens of friendships, addresses that need. The performance’s kind recognition of the challenges of cross-racial friendships and their untapped benefits support audiences to become advocates of “we” in the places where they live, work, worship, serve and play. Through engaging, substantive, and often humorous dialogue, audiences are kept actively engaged and ready to participate in the post-show discussion. The call to action is inspiring because of—rather than despite—its willingness to call out difficulties and eschew naïveté while encouraging audiences to make an effort to cross racial lines in friendship and collectively work toward racial equity.

Bring your friends, neighbors, community groups, and organizations. We’ll enlighten and inspire each other to turn us and them into we!

June 14-17, 2023

Hosted by Cleveland School of the Arts

In partnership with Facing History and Ourselves at Cleveland School of the Arts Black Box Theater.

Corporate and Individual
Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

This community event, designed as Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Edutainment, brings home an engaging, instructive message without sacrificing substance, leaving audiences with information and inspiration…achieving racial equity one friend at a time. Through engaging, substantive, and often humorous dialogue, audiences are kept actively engaged and ready to participate in the post-show discussion.

We hope that you will join us as a corporate or individual sponsor for an innovative community event aimed to enhance social trust as foundational to building cultures of belonging and an informed citizenry invested in racial equity.

As a community sponsor, we are offering a discounted
group rate of $35/ticket with a minimum purchase of 20 tickets.

We offer sponsorship levels for corporations, organizations, or individuals to invest in the Community Social Trust Movement’s performance of To My White Friends Who Know Me hosted by Cleveland School of the Arts. Proceeds from the performances benefit Getting To We, Inc., Facing History and Ourselves and support Cleveland School of the Arts Theater Department.

Upcoming Dates


July 20-22

Martha’s Vineyard,
Haven, MA

September 9-10

Cleveland Hts, Ohio

October 7-8

Coral Gables
Miami, FL

Nov 3-4

Sheffield, OH

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