Metrics matter. Understanding how social trust operates and how racialized and politicized trust gets dismantled takes work. To create new paradigms for building trust takes gathering the best minds in the field to help us to design tools and workshops that turn us and them into we.

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What’s Your Antiracist Style?

There’s more to being an antiracist than aligning yourself with its value and endorsing its principles. Take this antiracist self-assessment tool to determine how effectively you work to dismantle racism in systems and within yourself.

What’s Your Racial Identity Status?

Racial identity resolution is a developmental process that occurs for everyone, and a process that is characterized by the psychological connection we have with our race. Living in an increasingly multiracial society, achieving healthy racial identity resolution and understanding ourselves as racial beings is complex. As one aspect of our multiple and intersecting identities, race stands out because of its visibility and the long history in the U.S. and in other countries of racism. As a result, our statuses are not fixed and realized in our lived experience. The RISSA supports you to understand your racial identity resolution process and how it is manifested in your personal and professional lives.

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